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About Darcey

Darcey Rhoads grew up slathered in sunscreen and yet somehow perpetually sunburned as a redhead in the great state of Texas. Her childhood was jam-packed with glorious adventures, some of which might be misconstrued as "troublemaking".  Her quirky humor and tone work well for narrating dark humor in particular, but Darcey loves comedic stories of all kinds. She is a former French horn player; she played Carnegie Hall at the age of 16 with a symphony and then a string of venues on tour with various rock bands just a few years later. During her time on the road, she moonlighted as a bartender when gas money ran low and worked as a roadie and drum technician. Like all good bartenders, she is easily relatable, compassionate, and unrepentantly herself.  Darcey's adventurous spirit and sarcastic nature lend themselves well to the strong, badass women found in the fantasy and science fiction genres, as well as YA. Not long after leaving the music scene and trading it for her true passion, acting, Darcey moved to Los Angeles. She lived in a hotel briefly and booked her first indie film just 2 weeks after arriving and shortly after began studying her craft relentlessly. It has been nearly 10 years since that fateful trip from Texas and she has been smiling with a wicked gleam in her eye ever since. 

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