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Darcey Rhoads was born to stand out. Sometimes against her will. Growing up slathered in sunscreen, yet perpetually sunburned as a pale redheaded child in the Great State of Texas will do that to a person. An actor, audiobook narrator, and filmmaker with often darkly comedic leanings and a deep love for storytelling, she has been dancing to the music in her head for most of her life. 


A Music Performance Major ( bet you didn’t see that coming) Darcey is a former French horn player - she played Carnegie Hall at 16 and with the Houston Symphony. Still, the acting bug bit her when she was just 4 years old and she nurtured her dream in Oddessy of the Mind programs in school or from the orchestra pit. Eventually, she cracked. She joined rock bands, left school, and toured. Her glorious adventures (which could be misconstrued as “troublemaking”) included moonlighting as a bartender when funds ran low and working as a drum technician and roadie. Like all good bartenders, she is relatable, compassionate, and unrepentantly herself.


It wasn’t long before Darcey heard that familiar whisper in their heart again, and they packed up and moved to LA. She stayed in a hotel and booked an indie film 2 weeks later. Since then she has enjoyed delving into a variety of characters but has often played characters with a lot of heart and a lot of snark. She is best known for her recurring appearances on HitRECord on TV (Netflix; Pivot) with Joseph Gordon-Levitt. 


Darcey’s vocal intonations are incredibly similar to her on-camera leanings, she has a tendency to be drawn to sarcastic, feisty, or darkly humorous characters who may or may not be hiding a big soft heart of gold. She can range from tenor to soprano in her character voices and has a natural grit or whisper of smoke (she fervently hopes to have a whiskey voice when she grows up and gargles bourbon from time to time. Yes, she also loves bourbon.)


Darcey has a passion for telling stories that transport others, whether it be visually or aurally, and for being a part of stories that matter to people. Growing up, movies and books were an intrinsic part of her life - she’d even go so far as to say they saved her life countless times. Her motivation is to be a part of a story that repays the favor, just once. 


When she isn’t in front of the camera or behind the mic, she’s exercising her thumbs playing video games, prepping for her fellow narrators, reading, taking up various (mildly dangerous) hobbies like ax throwing, teaching STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and math) projects to kids around the city for a nonprofit, and befriending wild cats.

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