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Audiobook Preparation 

Finding yourself with too much to do and too little time to do proper preparation for your narration projects?  First of all - not a bad place to be and secondly - I've got you covered! 

          Basic ($35 PFH*)

  • ​Chapter summaries that include a color-coordinated list of each character 

  • Creating character profiles that also note vocal descriptions provided in the text

  • Providing pronunciations and definitions of unusual words, names, places, etc. 

  • Basic research for non-fiction projects 

 Deluxe ($45+ per physical hour) 

Basic services included plus:

  •  A list of sentences or sections that require an accent to help make character development easier

  • Highlighting character dialogue by color so you can keep your character voices straight

  •  Reference photos to help you cast characters, set the mood of your project, spark your imagination, and give clarity as to what you're referring to if you aren't entirely sure in the case of some non-fiction topics (it happens to all of us at some point.) 

  • Voice clips to help you cast characters

  • A music playlist to listen to before recording to help get you into the right headspace for each chapter

If you need a service not already covered here, hit me up on the contact sheet below, and let's chat! I also, subject to availability, offer rush services. Please contact me to inquire about them.

*My rates are determined largely by the total Finished and/or Physical hours as well as the number of services required - so the scale slides on those factors. ( If you have a specific budget for prep, use the contact form and we'll figure something out.)

Contact Us

I am now burdened with Glorious Purpose! I look forward to chatting soon.

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